One thought on “Emily Kinner

  1. deborah simone

    I am 55 yrs old and hold a license from the Medical Board of CA as a healthcare provider. I do not have any degree, but was able to “challenge” & “prove” to the Board that I had accrued the aggregate knowledge equivalent to a 3yr post-secondary education. Thinking I might want to change tracks slightly, I attempted to go back to school to get a Bachelor’s. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that there is no portfolio evaluation process for people like me, and that I needed to begin as a freshman. In the 2 years I suffered through, I met many like myself, taking spots in core curriculum classes that we simply did not need. We could be moving through the system much faster if there was a workable mechanism to evaluate us. I would have gladly paid to be evaluated rather than have wasted that time. I was so demoralized by the process I decided to drop out. (simply could not spend 6 weeks of my precious time reading Thomas Paine’s Common Sense)

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