Leaders who don’t protect students from predators violate public trust


As a former counselor in a facility for teenagers who had been physically and sexually abused, I witnessed the indelible impact of this abuse on young men and women. As I read the stories about the sexual abuse scandal at Miramonte Elementary School in Los Angeles Unified, I remembered these young people and the destruction that twisted adults had wrought on their lives. Then I waited for the calls for reform from those with the power to make changes.

After all, the allegations are monstrous. The possibility that school officials may have known about the sexual abuse and done nothing is appalling. The fact that the Los Angeles Unified had to pay an alleged pedophile $40,000 to leave the school rather than spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to follow teacher dismissal laws is unbelievable. Worst of all is the knowledge that this situation could have been prevented by lawmakers in Sacramento.

Three years ago, the Los Angeles Times documented multiple cases of teachers who had abused students with little or no consequences. The articles revealed how the ten-step, state-mandated dismissal process for certificated staff including teachers (all other employees have the normal legal protections against arbitrary dismissal) protects abusive and incompetent adults from any accountability. Yet, instead of fixing these laws, most of the Sacramento power structure yawned and waited for the outrage to dissipate rather than confront their supporters in the statewide teachers unions. As a result, we have Miramonte.

Defenders of the current system like to argue that Miramonte is an isolated situation. But those who have been in school systems know that this is far from the truth. Recently, I talked with an attorney who had represented districts in dismissal cases. He shared story after story of high-cost cases to remove teachers who had either physically or sexually abused students – including male teachers who had raped impressionable female students and called their actions “relationships.” In these cases, the districts had been willing to spend millions to use the dismissal process with no guarantee of success.

I shared with him a story about a health-class teacher who was physically aggressive and sexually forward toward students. Despite student and parent complaints, nothing happened. The standard advice from our attorneys to school leaders was, “document the incidents and create an improvement plan.” For experienced school administrators who had already tried these steps, this advice was laughable. Finally, I received a report of a new problem. A female student complained that he had taught her class wearing loose shorts and no underwear so that his privates were clearly visible. Based on this complaint, our lawyers agreed to “counsel him out.”

Now, when a system has become so degraded that the threshold for “counseling out” of the profession is not job performance, but the exposure of one’s privates to a classroom of teenagers, there is clearly a need for change. This situation, Miramonte, and the earlier cases documented by the L.A. Times should raise troubling questions for those lawmakers protecting the current system. How many more teachers with similar histories have been “counseled out” and ended up in other schools? How many have had their records expunged and continued to teach? How many have been transferred or made their way to high-need schools in poor and immigrant communities where the parents may be less aware and more trusting?

Similar questions have been raised in other abuse scandals in powerful institutions such as the Catholic Church and Penn State. Like those cases, defenders of the current system talk about the importance of due process and assail anyone recommending reform for “attacking the profession.” In this instance, the accusation will be that critics are “bashing teachers.” In any context, these arguments lack credibility.

Not only is the existing system bad for students and communities, it is fundamentally bad for the teaching profession. First, the millions of dollars spent trying to remove a few bad apples and training administrators on the ten-step dismissal process could and should be spent on instructional improvement. Second, the predictable futility of the ten-step process undermines the credibility of the evaluation system overall. Most importantly, given the likelihood of similar cases coming to light, lawmakers should be making every effort to reform the system to prevent future collateral damage to the profession.

Senate Bill 1530 by Democratic Sen. Alex Padilla would do a great deal to fix this situation by modifying the existing dismissal process for teachers accused of serious misconduct including sex, violence, or drugs. (A broader bill by Republican Sen. Bob Huff that would have encompassed a wider array of misconduct and abuse accusations failed to get out of committee.) SB 1530 has the support of children’s advocates, school districts including LAUSD, and L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s office. Predictably, it is opposed by both statewide teachers unions. Sadly, it has the silence of many of their key allies, including our most powerful education leaders: Governor Jerry Brown, Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, and Speaker of the Assembly John Perez.

Now that the bill has moved out of the Senate and into the Assembly, its opponents will work hard to defeat it. They will lobby their longtime allies and the chairs of important committees. They will work to derail the bill with the aid of longtime legislative staffers who have always prioritized their friends in the CTA over any other interest. And if all else fails, they will take their case to the governor.

For the average citizen, taxpayer, and voter, it must boggle the mind that Sacramento would even be debating this; that this situation wouldn’t have been fixed years ago; and that our most powerful elected leaders won’t commit to fixing it now. Now many of these same leaders and other legislators will be stumping around the state asking the citizens of California to trust them to spend their money, fix the budget crisis, and solve a host of other problems. Of course, the average citizen might ask in return, If we can’t trust you to protect our children from adults involved in sex, violence, and drugs in our schools, how can we trust you on anything at all?

Arun Ramanathan is executive director of The Education Trust–West, a statewide education advocacy organization. He has served as a district administrator, research director, teacher, paraprofessional, and VISTA volunteer in California, New England, and Appalachia. He has a doctorate in educational administration and policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. His wife is a teacher and reading http://americansleepandbreathingacademy.com/cost/ specialist and they have a child in preschool and another in a Spanish immersion elementary school in Oakland Unified.

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  1. “Not only is the existing system bad for students and communities, it is fundamentally bad for the teaching profession. First, the millions of dollars spent trying to remove a few bad apples and training administrators on the ten-step dismissal process could and should be spent on instructional improvement. Second, the predictable futility of the ten-step process undermines the credibility of the evaluation system overall.”

    IMHO, that is the real point of this article. Too bad its come to this.

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  2. So, fully armed with plenty of hearsay and stories from the unimpeachable (sic) LA Times Ed Trust, once again, tries to use guilt by association and other smears to undermine and scapegoat all teachers because of allegations against a few.
    Opportunists have used such techniques before and been confronted before. Let me borrow the words of one good man who had to deal with another opportunist in prior dark days in our history when basic rights and due process were under assault: “Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”
    That, of course, was Joseph Welch to Sen. Joe McCarthy. In these instances the answer is always: “No.” There is no sense of decency left.
    A teacher can be removed from a classroom by management with any indication of abusive behavior. Sen Padilla’s bill protects not one child from an act of abuse. It simply takes away the due process rights of all teachers.
    The sad and bizarre instances alleged in LA will have to play out in the courts when evidence is presented. If the individuals are found guilty they should suffer the full consequences described under law.
    I have seen a number of dismissal cases over the years. Not one of them has approached the amounts suggested in this article or, routinely, by LAUSD officials. It those are the routine costs there, that may well be saying more about the competence of the officials than the exaggerated assertions about the “byzantine” nature of the dismissal process.

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  3. SB 1530 is a solution in search of a problem. It was written in response to the failure of Los Angeles Unified School District to follow the law.
    If LAUSD isn’t following the law, the voters should let the school board know that this is an unacceptable situation, not scapegoat teachers across the state who depend on the law in existence to protect them from unwarranted charges. Let those who should be charged have the money spent on them that is required to get them out of the classroom promptly.
    Unfortunately, too often, process is ignored and therefore has to be re-followed once a new incident *can* be documented. Let’s not penalize the vast majority of hard-working teachers across the state for the failures in trust of a few.
    John Lindner, Chair
    Santa Clara County
    Service Center Council/CTA/NEA

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  4. The truth is it is not even necessary to go through the highly convoluted and ultimately divisive pantomine that passes for due process at LAUSD. Had Deasy and Cortines before hi. Abided the law and rported the alleged offenders to CTC, they would have suspended the credential until an investigation indicated if the teacher should be revoked.
    With almost 1000 teachers , most over 40, higher on the pay scale and accused of transgressions so minor they probably would not be written up for them, others blatantly railroaded and all rubber stamped through by the board to OAH without any evidence seen or heard, it is not unreasonable to have concerns about this bill and Mr. Deasy’s actual motives.
    This individual has violated the CBA, district policy, education codes and State as well Federal laws by issuing a directive to administrators to go after teachers, essentially declaring open season on teachers.
    He and Cortines deliberately misinformed the public about their ability to discipline teachers, who are, of course, not all innocent of misconduct. The lie that teachers are impossible to fire couple with the dubious data generated by test scores was juxtaposed with propaganda about rubber rooms where teachers were depicte as deviants and dopers anguishing for years on the dole, returned to classrooms to do more danage because the court connived against the best interest of children to curry favor with an all powerful union and its political alliances.
    While teachers do wait a very long time to inally be heard, though no one hears them at all now, not even the union (which does little to conceal its collusion with the district’s new regime) , this is hardly the paid vacation that propoganda leads the public to believe. Teachers have nothing to do with the process whoch has been subverted  to look as if they are afforded their rights to a fair hearing. For tge kast several years those rubber rooms have been filled with teachers, almost exclsively higher paid veterans, many with a record that reflects decades of stellar, unstained   service. Some are victims of hostile reprisals, others whistleblowersand more than a few plaintiffs with cases agaist LAUSD for workman’s comp. or other matters . There are of course the abusive sorts andchild molestors, who are easy to spot because they are not treated with the same contempt afforded to the innocent.
    I realize this all sounds far fetched, maybe even delusional, which is exactly why it works. Why would Deasy fail to report Mark Berndt to CTC? No reporter, no editorialist, to my knowledge, has ever scrutinized Miramonte or a multatude of cases like it. Deasy literally endangered the lives of young children to protect LAUSD from potential legal consequenses for its role in the possible molestation of many many children. He treated Mark Berndt ( and a few other alleged chol molestors) with rare respect and generosity, affording him his full benefits, more than most teachers earn working daily ($4000 a month), left his credential unstained, so he could find work elsewhere if he desired,  despite previous accusations that disappeared conveniently disappeared from the district files. berndt was given a large sum of money, reportedly as much as $40,000–  more than a young teacher’s  annual income .
    The union, while just as despicable in its own right, has nothing to do with teachers accused of moral turpitude, thus are rarely involved with cases like Mark Berndt. It doesn’t need to be as the district is willing to move and earth for the perverts. .   The motives should become a little clearer as you consider how the district failed the children at Miramonte and in an act so willful and so wrong it has come to symbolize the wheels of social injustce that allows the incompetence, corruption and criminal indifference of EducRAT$ like Deasy to defer guilty on to the backs of innocent teachers.
    To verify my assertions , please look on LAUSD.net at school statistics or defer to the charts on CDEsite. Note that while most elementary schools are staffed with an average of 8 administrators, LAUSD assigned 4 to MES. MES is located in one of the most dangerous and impovershed hood of this city. The school runs on a year round track because it is so overcrowded. The students present many challenges to educators as many are not native speakers and live in homes where English is not spoken. Most are undocumented, uneducated and need remediation. MES is the largest ES in the state and one of the largest in the nation. So why wasn’t there more administrators ? With 350+ students per administrator, it’s no wonder Berndt’s activities escaped scrutiny. Like most predetors, Erndt was shrewd enpugh to win the trust of his victims, their parents, and his principal he had seniority so he was allowed to choose the remote classroom that fell out of others’ routine travels. The principal had no idea that Berndt was previously accused of sexual misconduct because the union took an offer from LAUSD to remove memos in their file after 4 years instead of a contractual raise in the 90s . This misguided agreement has now come back to haunt us.
    Sheriff Baca told reporters Deasy  had deliberately interfered with this investigation  and others, stating he had firbidden employeeswho were witnesses from disclosing what they knew. Deasy deflected his culpability with wanton lies, repeatedly insisting he was not allowed to disclose the information about Berndt to parents as part of police proceedure. What he suggested was preposterous. The police would never embrace a policy that put the prosecutors case above the well being of victims to was defending. And make no mistake: it was Deasy’s duty to advise parents about the abuse, which could have exposed this youngsters to STDs, AIDs or Hepatitis. Needless to say, the damage it has probably done to their psyches, which may mean a lifetime of mental illness, depression, or even becominga deviant themselves as is often the case.
    To further distance himself from his own egregious misconduct, Deasy sent forth an insidous rumor or two that suggested Baca planned to deport these parents and that he had ultimately inhibited Deasy from doing what he was suppose to. Baca, who impressed me with his deft ledership and furious candor ( which was muted soon after he confronted this matter) assured the parents they were safe as no one is deported when they have a case like this in the courts. He cooperated with attorneys and one suspects acted as he did to surp Deasy’s hope that this case may just go away.mit is a safe bet Deasy and his overlords are working on ways to assure Berndt is never prosecuted for what he probably did. Why?
    Lawsuits in the millions….  Which are already pending . His willingness to commit a felony by interfering in a criminal investigation, in his failure to report misconduct to CTC and the wantonfisregaurd he had for parents’ wishes and students’ sense of security  is illustrated by the fact that Deasy insinuated that MES had been infiltrated by a some kind cult sacraficing children to weird fetishes and humiliation. There were  vague blurbs about female teachers pandering to Berndt and Springer ( who has really nothing incriminating against him and may be a victim in this as are many teachers subsequently ruined and removed on the most flimsy evidence) Naturally the media ran with this and memories of McMartin preschool emerged. Eve teachers, myself included, could not fathom the staff’s failure to report Berndt whose daily trolling took him out to thr playground where he lured fresh victims back to his classroom of horrors.
    Naturally, people are outraged to tho k teavhers would allow him to abuse  children like this. I am not convinced these teachers were unaware of something amisd with the strange little man who kept giant hissing cockroaches as pets in his classroom. It is possible. Teaching is an isolated occupation in msny ways and most teachers rarely leave class until the end of each long busy day. By all accounts, Berndt was was beloved by parents and children. He was clearly considered an asset by school leaders wo appreciated his willingness to volunteer on weekends and afterschool for unpaid duties.
    I am inclined to believe teachers did express concerns. More kikely than not this was discourafed, perhaps even punished, which all too common and typically leads to the whistleblower’s  ruin.  As one such whistleblower I am in a unique position. I understand wy teachers adopt a psychological defense by wearing blinders to protect themselves from knowing what they know. They are right to be fearful. LAUSD has  zero tolerance policy on snitches. That’s standard practice in organized crime . And make no mistake, the UTLA/ LAUSD mob is should be conviced on RICO charges iven the extent of collusion, kick backs ruthless intimidation and extortion. But it is apparent that until we rise together to assert our will as the people , these white chalk criminals will continue to act with impunity.
    Deasy spent $5 million dollars to isolate MES teachers at an unfinished HS near MES. He restaffed the school and let it be known theybwould be forced to reapply for thier jobs and even then many would not be permitted to come back. After they were debriefed , teachers knew they had better keep their mouths shut. They did this and waited for the union to defend them , and it pretended to but the reality is UTLA discouraged these teachers from a rallyin early May, which was attended by a large crowd of supportive parents whose faith in these teachers is compelling evidence of their commitment to this community.
    By some weird serendipitous twist of fate, I happened to be looking for updates on MES teachers two days before the rally was to take place, there was nothing new on the internet. The union offered no insights on the case nor did LAUSD. I went on a whim to twitter despite the infrequency of my tweeting and searched for “Miramonte teachers.” to my delight I discovered the housed teachers were killing time ( no PD or research was facillitated despite Deasy’s assertions that the exiled educators would be given meaningful work while at AHHS)  by tweeting.
    Someone named Sweet Something swiftly answered my questions about the rally they had planned that Thursaday. She was clearly excited and hopeful about finally being heard in public. It was, no doubt, an act of defiance, but it was also the sort of defiance we Americans condone it such situations. I went back to the Inetrnet to look for any announcement about the rally. Nothing. UTLA was not actively encouraging teachers to show support for their colleagues and no MES teacher had posted a press release, blog nor status update with word of the event.
    I relayed this information to my fellow compatriots, a ragged collection of frazzled casualties with Quiotesque quirks. I also shared it with reporters who have come to trust my veracity as a source  , though they rarely report the full story because they are simply limited in how much they are allowed to relay. Their positions, I now understand, are not unlike  teachers’ in that we cannot do wht we should without risking the wrath of people with power who will not hesitate to destroy anyone who dares to defy their dictates. With this said, I must admit, I was a little stunned by how eagerly they responded when I alerted them to the event . They called my house, they emailed, they wanted to interview me. When I explained I was not an MES teacher, they were disappointed but willing to settle for me as I told them I doubted these teachers would be able to speak to them without risking their possitions.
    I really had nothing to say about Miramonte in a breif interview on TV, but I wanted to hear what they had to say. I talked to local reporters casually about the scandal, about their dubious coverage of Education and accomodating them with more information as a source in the future. It was a mild afternoon anp Latino parents arrived in packs, small children , strollers, and crude banners or signs scrawled with Spanish supporting “Maestros” . They were wary of me, of other strangers and with good cause. i noted this was even more true of teachers.
    It took a good while for them to. Finally come out and address the crowd of reporters whonhad cameras and mics ready . I hear whispers that they were considering calling the whole thing of because panicky union officers were warning them they could be fired for doing this. Keep in mind the union had indulged the teachers by agreeing to the rally and leading them to believe they.’d promote it. They did not and one assumes teachers feom MES would be addressing a small crowd of parents beside a couple union hacks and this would leadnthem to believe no one cared much about their plight. I had thrown a wrench in this by organizing the press conference UTLA hadn’t . What I had not forseen was UTLA’s attempts to intimidate these teachers. Their chair, a formidable leader, somehow prevailed with a pragmatic approach to addressing their concerns on camera. Teachers would read their prepared statements without identifying themselves and the threat to punish them for speaking out would preface the comments.
    By 4 PM there was no sign of teachers from otherbschools, who probably did not know there was a rally until a late afternoon message was relayed to them and students over intercoms at area schools . Do not, they were warned, attend the protest in front of Agustus Hawkins HS.
    MES teachers left the  building as cameras rolled and families greeted them with a warm welcome and chanted in Spanish. One teacher, goofy and endearing,  lept in front of our camera man and exclaimed her employee number clearly and loudly as if to say, I dare you! I was glad  it was our footage which would not be shown on television nor on our blog anytime soon for her sake. A woman after my own heart, I could see, but it was not as encouraging as I thought it should have been though I grinned at her audacity.
    As teachers took turns speaking, I was moved by their tearful words. One said : I used to be proud of being a teacher. But now I don’t tell people what I do.
    When one  did, experience had taught her and me, people reacted as if you’d stated you worked at the pound gassing stray puppies or  evicted the poor from their homes. I could see David Lyell and Jose Lara standing defensively on either side of the lecturn, afraid David or Lenny might charge up and wrestle them for the mic as soon as each teacher finished. All of them were unmoved by the weeping members of the MES staff. The UTLA officers  were pensive as they had not planned on this and I imagined them facing Deasy’s notorious fury when he saw footge from the rally on the evening news.  Less than half of the 85 or so teachers were present, the rest were unwilling to take the risk. it took a lot of corage to do what they did.
    Though David and I had organized a actual press conference, UTLA made sure to keep Perdaily mouths away from the microphones. My compatriots did not recognize the beaty of letting UTLA own the conference they’d been ordered to undermine. For a moment I felt brilliant but no less defeated. A stoutLatino who was not at peace with his ill fitting suit spoke convincingly for a few minutes. The passion and craft were apparent in has speech– he knew his audience, whic made appreciative noise with each point he sent home with phrases  of Spanish.   He knew what to say to appease people in the hood, but in the end it was little more than fluff that articulated general dissent without indicting  those responsible for it.
    Police circled the streets long after the media left to prepare or the evening news. Miramonte teacherss would make all the local stations, the morning papers and soon hit the multitude of blogs which were not quite sure what to say. They knew they should say something, and tried butfew can fully comprehend the loss these teachers  face. A school becames your family, your tribe when you are a good teacher. And the loss of good teachers will be felt by this community, I have no doubt.  Miramonte teachers are certainly this and the community they serve is aware of that. Yet they will have a hard time getting hired with the houssed status on record. Though they did nothing wrong, the assumption is they must have or they would not have been removed as they were. Deasy robbed them of their careers and of the school they had been part of for even those who will be hired back are not returning to what included pervert Berndt and one before him and perhaps others beside. It includes a bleak landspae of asphalt and graffiti, ghetto birds watching above from the smog washed sky benath the brutal L.A. sun. But its more than what anyone can see beause these teachers filled the day with bright facts about butterflies and the magic of numbers in rooms full of childrens’ crayon masterpieces, successes shaped by As and Bs. There were field trips to remember forever and others to look forward to. There was hope and heart and hundreds of days blessed by a numinous purpose. Now there is horror and the hate of internet comments condemning them as complicit in crimes against children  they love.
    I was wrongfully terminated the morning of the rally after a two year stint in the rubber room. I reported abuse then noncompliance that put my students in serious danger ( I can prove it) and soon found myseof railroaded by the guilty parties and condemned by district suits who asserted unequivocally  I had done things I did not do. Every time I tried to defend myself from these lies  during the single chance I had to speak earlly on in this Kafkesque ordeal,my UTLA rep dug his fingernails into the flesh of my upper arms. I still have never been heard and have no reason to believe I will be despite the fact I had been led to believe I was given a reprieve  ( the principals behaviors was so out of hand , thr abusers hustory was probably discovered in when files were reviewed and I knew that Tamar Gazatlan had read an email I sent and intervened .itwas not official but official things did happen , I was questioned at length by a director, who i knew I could not trust. She impliec I  would return to duty ( though not my beloved school) come fall. As a show of good faith I pulled my complaints for DFEH and reconsidered my legal tactics. Like every teacher I know in this mess, I was ready to resolve this even though it meant compromises no one should ever make. I was paid to stay home until two months later when I recived the news via a voice mail:” Miss Diedrich, the board has voted to terminate you. By the way, you have no insurance coverage as of now. Thank you and have a great day.”
    It really turned out to be one as amatterof fact. But  I wasn’t having it. All the way back to the bat cave on treelinef street off Wilshire, Lenny’s cell phone rang with distraught teachers on the line with tales of harassmednt and unfairl evaluations. Lenny believes reports that Deasy walks into schools unannounced ( documented by interviews and a good thing —in theory) . He now fires teachers on the spot. He watches a moinute or two and desuces they are unfit  to teach. I susect he is probably accurate more often than not. But this is not what we do. He has indeed fired one sub who failed to recognize him and chsed him from the classroom as leepy students looked on—what is he modeling? Why is this bully impervious to the law, to criticism , to reality as we know it? I have a lot of questons, with answers I know the answers to. It’s not pretty .
    What will become of me? My son? Of Miramonte teachers? Of all lAUSD teachers as the cleansing escalates and Deasy breaks laws in the same breath he is trying to make them.? And what  about the kids, the poor ones trapped in a widening cycle of poverty. Eventually we will all be RiFed, dismissed, retired or forced to resign, all but a few, those being cronies and most likely the worst sort of teachers. Deasy, as I may have mentioned, is a mercenary who pretends he is Superman. I kid you not, his subordinates openly defer to him as the district’s last hope.  This makes teachers the villains, though we are hardly formidable foes, but look at how easy it is to loathe us for what others are and what they  have done. Deasy is recruting Teach for America replacements for all the teachers who are assuming they will come back to thier jobs before unemployment benefits run out ; and the tenuously employed know they are targets as they see colleagues ushered off to rubber roomed or openly skered by Stull.
    UTLA has hardly uttered a coherent sentence about Deasy’s comportment, teachers’ unrelenting sacrafices or the conspicuous bloat at a district that has sollen at least 25% in just one decade.  Fletcher has failed to face down Deasy with the lack of any cuts from that fat, which has always been notoriously corpulent as it is.yeas, he says the local distructs were closed but they will still operate as offices houinf pg employees, agents and more detainees. They ard still hiring fir six figure position ps like the Wellness Expert LD8 wants to hire ( the ads are formalities as the position is mostly fabbricated to make room fir another crony. .  No one is asking about a  budget shrouded in mysteries, reports o a surplus hidden so the board cabpn wring every cent from working poor citizens. No one is even pointing out the irony that Cotines who famously complained about teachers’ sexual misconduct and the system that enables it  is now accused of raping a colleague, a crime facilitated by LAUSD and board member accomplices that likely to cost tax payers far more than the 200, 00 o, Scott Graham graciously almost settled for. NOr will anyone  point out Deasy’s dubious PhD, history of allegations involving scams and misappropriated funding . No  one will note his dsmissals  from high ranking schools, the lies on his resume nor his close association with philanthropists  Bill Gates and opulent hoarder Eli Broad. No one  but some teacher ranting in Huff Post or LAT who finally realizes all that is all but lost.

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  5. This was a very long response, but I actually read through it.  Some parts were laboring due to the fact that I do not know the history, but I would like to know more.  Is it possible to get an e-mail address or a blog to which I could correspond directly with you? Thanks.

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  6. From Roque Burio Jr., the lemon who can dance and can sing, here is my song: The LAUSD illegal and unconstitutional Weapon of Mass Dismissal of Innocent Teachers also known as SB 1530 is voted down to its final grave. The enlightened politicians of the axis party and evil friends of the children abuser paper monster are gradually distancing themselves from this tyrant that perpetuate the Reign of Terror among innocent teachers so as to gag them from making any comment or criticism against its extravagant, incredible, and wasteful expenses. It also seems to appear to me that no more politicians are so willing to sponsor the wish of the tyrant Paper Monster to increase the taxes of the taxpayers in November election to support its huge, incredible, and wasteful multibillions proposed budget. It seems now confirmed that the LAUSD board has definitely withdrawn from Papa Brown its request to increase the taxes for its extravagant expenses in November election. There is also a remote but a possibility that the LAUSD will try to regain its senses for being oppressive and unjust to innocent teachers—that it might reinstate teachers who are really innocent but were pressured to separate from the from this dismayingly failing school district. This possibility arose from rumors that the state might investigate the tyrant paper monster on the illegal and unconstitutional procedures that it used against innocent teachers. Who knows if President Obama might also join the fun? He, he, he, he. Long live the US flag. Long live liberty, and justice for all. Long live the innocent teachers who suffer most from the tyrant illegal and unconstitutional treatment from the children abuser Paper Monster. Hah, hah, hah. And most of all, long live American way of life of honesty, hard work and the free enterprise. Hah, hah, ha, and more hah, hah.

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  7. From Roque Burio Jr., the lemon who can dance and can also sing. Here is my song for those who despise teachers alleged to have committed misconducts: The Law protects everyone including both the innocent and the accused. It is mandatory that the Law must protect the would be victim before the crime, and the same law must also protect the rights of the alleged accused after the crime. Hence the LAUSD Weapon of Mass Dismissal of Innocent Teachers AKA SB 1530 had to be defeated by its authors for it turns out to be illegal and unconstitutional. He, he, he, and hah, hah, had why not ask the Democratic Party members? Down with the Paper Monster LAUSD. Long live teachers, students and parents. Long live taxpayers.

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